Short version: We have an email volunteer list. Joining it gets you laid.*

Long version: We like you.  We really like you.  And we want your energy, your help and your awesomeness to join forces and form Voltron make Big Moves even greater.  Whatever level of involvement you’re interested in, oh baby do we have something for you to do:

Who do you think hands out programs, sells our swag at shows, handles our homestays, picks up sweaty costumes from the stage, passes out our flyers at promotional appearances? Why, YOU do! Or people like you, people who love what Big Moves dances for and are willing to press some of their time into our service as volunteers. We have backstage and front-of-house needs for productions, as well as special and ongoing projects for the general health and well-being of the Big Moves machine.

The dancers and teachers of Big Moves are the front line, but we ALSO need mad, pro bono skills all over the place: accounting and bookkeeping services, video recording and editing, fat-positive visual artists, musicians (live and recorded), legal advice, publicity and marketing support, carpentry, costume construction… this list really does go on and on!

That’s awesome that you’re so needy, but how do I help?

Our first stop when we’re fatties in need is to send out a plea to our volunteer email list.  If you want to be one of our big fat heroes, then come join the group!

* Coquette wrote this, and it is therefore a highly suspect statement.

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