Donate & Advertise

We will take (almost) anything you have to give us.  If you’re thinking, “Oh, but I’m sure they don’t want [THING X]…”  Try us.  Odds are good, we want your support, however you can give it!

The Big One

Make your tax-deductible donation to Big Moves Boston TODAY! Just click on the button above and you’ll go to an easy online donation form, available thanks to our fiscal sponsor, the Boston Dance Alliance (a 501(c)(3) organization).

IMPORTANT: When you get to the section called Beneficiary, you need to use the drop-down menu to select Big Moves Boston! This way your donation will be properly routed to us.

It can’t buy love, but it can sure buy other things that we need, like rehearsal time, plus-size costumes, theater rentals, postcard printing, storage facilities, etc etc etc.

Stuff.  Yes, Stuff.

How else to call it? In-kind donations are vital to Big Moves Boston’s continued fabulousness.  Some of the material things that we need are out there, waiting for a good, grateful home. Here’s a short list–just a start, you understand–of some of the things that we can always use, if not right away, then sometime soon:

  • food and wine for our receptions and special events
  • fabrics (spandex, lycra, spangled, glittery… you get the picture)
  • plus-size second-hand, costume-y type outfit
  • in-kind printing of stationery, posters, and postcards
  • airline miles (yes, we travel!)

Yes, we regularly approach corporations for some of this stuff, but maybe you are in a unique position to move our requests along. Whether you have things to give, or can help us get those things, please let us know.


Hi, community relations person/marketing person/curious business owner!

First of all, thank you for your interest in sponsoring Big Moves programming. We have to be honest with you: A Big Moves program is not Vogue, and our web site is not Yahoo. Not yet. We’re a growing grassroots dance organization, whose performances bring in hundreds of folks a season, NOT thousands. That means that our corporate sponsors tend to be businesses whose owners care first and foremost about our mission and our programming, and want to help us keep these shows out there.

Corporate sponsors may opt in for a whole year, a season or just one show. If you buy in for a year, you’ll also get a display ad on our revamped corporate sponsor page (coming soon).

Upcoming shows include:

  • Hot Buffet (madcap, dystopian musical, Fall 2008)
  • Tea & Strumpets (crumpet-soaked burlesque review, Spring 2009)
  • Y’arr: A Pirate Review (vaudeville insanity, Spring 2009)
  • Misfits of Burlesque (freakishly enjoyable burlesque review, Spring 2009)
  • Fat Camp (nostalgic feel-great romp, Spring 2009)

We have many opportunities for sponsorship and corporate donations year-round. To receive a rate sheet and information about our performance seasons, please send email to

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