Coquette: “And This Is the Part Where I Freak Out.”

23 04 2009

You GUYS.  We have tech tonight for our spring show.  (Details and ticket info in “Upcoming Performances” above, donchaknow?)  There are so MANY things about this that confuse me:

1) Since when is it spring, it’s been 40 F and raining since the dawn of time.

2) What crazy person booked us for the end of April, when I’m in the middle of finals?  (…oh, right.  I did.)

3) I tweaked my knee in rehearsal the other day, one of our dancers has a wretched cold, everyone’s stressing out, on our last runthrough I totally flipped my lines all around and bunged everything up…[breathes into paper bag]

…and so on.  I get like this, and I know I get like this — and yet somehow, awareness of getting like this doesn’t STOP me from getting like this.  So if you come see our show (which you SHOULD, because it is essentially a dirty/dirtier version of summer camp; all the youthful activities!  all the grown up hormones!), and I look a little crazy around the eyes, it’s not you, it’s me.  It’s my desire to have things be perfect in a universe that is just fucking determined to THWART ME AT EVERY TURN.

[breathes into paper bag some more]

I would write more — hell, I would edit this before posting it — but Dirty Nellie is downstairs with her car, waiting to do me the huge favor of taking me home so I can get my laptop and attempt to study and write some essays in the midst of Tech Night From Hell.  As a thank you for reading, here, stare at the near-incomparable adorableness that is the artwork for Fat Camp:


If that doesn’t make you want to come relive summer camp with us…you’re beyond help.



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