Marina: “CAKE!”

11 03 2009

Big Moves Boston is barreling straight ahead into Tea & Strumpets 3 (the Copywrong Edition) on Saturday, March 21, and folks…if you’re in the Boston area, or can get here, you WANT to be there. First of all: BURLESQUE. Secondly: CAKE.

The other reason that you might want to be there is that hey, it’s our big fundraising event for the year. Your buying a ticket and throwing down a bunch of raffle tickets is going to help us keep doing what we do best: in-your-face, size-diverse dance and performance art!

You like that, baby? You like it in your face? Well, then buy a ticket at (click on the listing on 3/21) and get your sweet butt there! And if you can’t make there, but you’re feeling generous to us artistic, sweaty fatties and fatlets, you can make a donation instead… details are up in the “donate & advertise” tab.