Marina: “Auditions, fatties. Auditions.”

19 11 2008

You’ve seen us on stage. You’ve taken body shots off of us in bars. You’ve sighed and said to yourself, “DAMN. I want to be on stage with them.” Well, now’s your chance, because Big Moves Boston is holding auditions!

Auditions for the spring 2009 performance season are coming up in early January, for ensemble positions in a wide variety of performances, including…

– Yarrr! A Pirate Cabaret (March 21 in Boston)
– Fat Camp (late April in Boston, and May 8-9 in Philadelphia)
– repertory performances at regional colleges
– additional appearances at Tea & Strumpets 3, the Fetish Fair Masquerade Ball, and other area showcases.

Big Moves is not just a grassroots dance and performance company, it’s also a passionate community AND a serious artistic effort aimed at shifting existing prejudices about size and weight in the dance community and in society as a whole. We ask a lot of our performers and our crew, and the first thing we ask is that you really be on-board with the kind of work that we do.


WE HAVE MANY GENRES IN BIG MOVES. Jazz, musical theater, hip hop, bellydance, burlesque, lyrical and modern and post-modern, just to name a few. Some of our numbers are one genre, some are hybrids. Performers sometimes have one genre they are strongest in, but we ask our performers to work in different numbers that may be different from their primary focus (it’s good for you!).

ALMOST ALL OF OUR PERFORMERS DANCE.  Occasionally we will take guest artists who are only singers or jugglers or whatever, but in general for inclusion in the regular cast, you’ve gotta dance. We are looking for performers who can dance at an advanced beginner level, at least, or else you must be a quick learner (as will be tested in the movement audition). Dancers with higher skill levels may be invited to create and rehearse solo or small-group works for shows.

ALL OF OUR DANCERS DO OTHER THINGS, TOO. Acting and singing are the obvious talents we need, in addition to dance, but we have costumers and writers and props people and acrobats and instructors in the cast as well. We’re a pretty multitalented, crafty bunch, and we need to be to do the amazing art that we do.

BIG MOVES PERFORMERS WORK HARD. Big Movers rehearse 3 to 12 hours a week, depending on level of involvement and what shows are coming up, and participate in Big Moves’ profit-share program. Most rehearsals are on Sunday afternoons, and Monday and/or Tuesday evenings.

BIG MOVES PERFORMERS SELL THEIR OWN SHOWS. Our dancers are active in going out to promotional appearances, selling tickets to shows, and selling Big Moves merchandise and events in their own personal network.

BIG MOVES IS GETTING BIGGER AND BROADER. We encourage people of color,  super-sized people, and men or butch-identified woman to audition. Big Moves is proudly queer- and trans-friendly, and we are SIZE-DIVERSE (that is, we are thin and average-sized, as well as different sizes and shapes of fat). We want performers of any and all sizes, who want to move forward as artists AND help us push out the boundaries of body acceptance in our dance community and in society.

BIG MOVES IS A COMMUNITY, NOT JUST A COMPANY. Big Moves has been in operation in the Boston area since 2005. We are looking for people who are interested in joining a circle of likeminded, body-loving freaks, not just doing a gig.

Questions? Visit us online first…
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