Marina: “And Now for Something Completely Different”

18 11 2008

Well, we hope you got a chance to see us in Hot Buffet. Wow, right? I mean, even WE are still reeling. We’re not likely to plummet that deep into tragic awesomeness any time again soon, but we had to do it once, just to say we went there.

We are bouncing right back into our normal high-energy fun fest with the spring show, Fat Camp, and yes, you’re going to get more info about that soon. But right now, we need your help sending Big Moves for another run at the Montreal Fringe Festival, a wild celebration of alternative theater and performance taking place June 11-21.

This year marks Big Moves Boston’s FOURTH trip to the Fringe. We’ve been doing our large-scale musicals there for the past two years (Gargantua and Lard). This year, we’re stripping it down and loading up a single car for a fast-paced, in-your-face, two-person carnival of fun and fat-assery, something we’re calling WIDE LOAD: breaking the stage and taking names. Full-out dance moves, fast and furious semi-autobiographical sketch comedy, blistering rants, and random slingshots of tasty snacks make Wide Load the fringe show that people are going to want to see.

Veteran Big Mover Colette and I are again hosting an outdoor breakfast for the Fringe community–or everyone who gets there before the pancake batter runs out. We’ll be roaming Montreal streets in skirts up to Here and fattitude out to There. Two people can’t flood the Fringe with fabulous the way 12 people can, but damn it if we’re not going to try.

Hey, and Wide Load will be running for one night only in Boston, too! We’re planning a special launch party for late May! But we need your help to get this show up and running.

We’re already had a few donors from around the country, and one generous contributor from Chicago, but we need more support. Our goal is $1000 in the next 12 days. That money will help pay our entry fees ($640) and print the postcards and posters that will bring more Fringe attendees in to see the Big Moves vision of a size-diverse world. If you haven’t yet donated to Big Moves this year, consider making now the time to start. If you’ve already donated, you know we put on great shows with grassroots budgets, and you know that your added contribution at this time is going to really make a difference.

Send email to and let me know how much you can pledge. I will send you a paypal money request and we can do it online (we are revamping our online donation process, and that’ll be up to speed by December 1, too late for us to use for this push, though).

All donations of $35 or more will receive a Wide Load tour bumper sticker, plus a Wide Load poster signed by Colette and me. You know the work we do, you know the changes we’re trying to make. We rely on individual donors to help move us forward. More specifically, we rely on you.



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