Marina: “Queen For A Day 2”

4 09 2008

(September 4, 2008 – Boston)

In Boston, Big Moves does two big shows a year, spring and fall. We take over a decent-sized theater (the Cambridge Family YMCA Theatre is our unofficial home), we knock out the crazy lights, put out the sandwich boards, and throw a full out production. But there’s a lot of energy left bouncing around in the company, and when that stuff is just boiling over… we put on a bar show: low-budget, high-volume, full-out rock style.

Our second annual Queen for a Day show was a perfect example of the breed. The gimmick? All Queen music. Big Moves’ burlesque project Thick represented with animatronic sex dolls and a socially inept geek getting down to Body Language, while our Caravan of Curves bellydancers Alhena and Alizah Afet tore up the stage to Mustapha, and a sword-and-plaid swirl of hotness set to Princes of the Universe. Guest artists Babes in Boinkland and Johnny Blazes gave us additional burlesque hotness (thank you, Johnny, I will never look at Olympic gymnastics the same way again), and our favorite fat Asian drag queen Becca d’Bus stunned us all with her usual glam-trash handling of the crowd (“yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the last Queen for a Day… of the Bush administration!”).

Our favorite all-girl Queen tribute band, Gunpowder Gelatine, slammed out the second half of the show in their usual inimitable magnetic style; by the last two songs, the crowd was pressed up against the stage at Church nightclub, singing and bouncing along. Birthday cupcakes at midnight, of course, and shots were shared around, and folks, that boat was well and fully launched. If you’re in the Boston area, mark your calendar for September 5, 2009, because there’s no question that Queen for a Day is now an official Big Moves holiday.