Coquette: “Good for you!”

19 07 2008

I am sad to report that working for Big Moves is not my full-time job.  No, instead I work in an office, where I do a variety of office-type things, like doing boring tasks, fending off telemarketers, sitting in meetings…basically it’s a daily struggle not to answer my phone, “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.”

So!  I was sitting in one of my meetings the other day, making small talk with one of our newer employees before the official start, and she mentioned that I looked kind of exhausted.  Not like, sick-exhausted, just really tired and worn out.  I completely agreed with her, by the way.  “Oh man, no kidding!  Rehearsals have started up for my dance troupe, and they’re totally kicking my butt.”  I mean, even when exhausted and half-asleep at work, I’m still completely ready to talk about Big Moves at any time.  (Side note: I may have accidentally invited my boss to our next show, Hot Buffet, during our bi-weekly meeting.  Maybe.  I should probably warn her about the nudity, yeah?)

Anyway, back to the new hire.  Up until this point, my interractions with her had been polite, professional, enjoyable overall.  But then, OH but then:
“Oh, you dance?”
“Well, uh, yeah.  It’s an all-size dance troupe, we do all different styles of dance, we’re really pretty good.”
“Oh, well yeah, no, I mean, of course, that sounds like fun…And I imagine that there’s a lot of good exercise…Right, right, I mean, good for you!

I didn’t even know what to do or say to that.  It just washed right over me, this nervous, upper-middle-class lady-chatter that managed to throw out insults without even forming a complete sentence.  And then our meeting started and I tried to burninate her with my eyes.  Good for me?  Good for me? What does that even mean?!  Yes, good for me for joining a talented group of women, good for me for being my own personal rock star; but I didn’t join Big Moves as a weight loss system, just like I don’t read Dickens to learn the finer points of punctuation and grammar.  If one follows the other, fine, but I’m just here to shake my booty.

I’ve since shared this story with a few people, one of whom told me about how when she lost ten pounds last month, someone complimented her for being so skinny.  Her response was, “um, I have diabetes.”  His answer: “Well, keep it up!”

So it’s not just me then!  …That doesn’t make me feel any better.